Red Barn Machine, Inc.


Since 2009, DART Aerospace and Red Barn Machine have entered a long-lasting partnership to manufacture and market tools and external load equipment for the helicopter industry. In February 2013, the partnership reached another level and Red Barn Machine has been rebranded to DART Aerospace. Over the next few months, all references to Red Barn Machine will progressively be updated to reflect the DART Aerospace name & logo.

The expanding facility located in Eugene, Oregon, has become DART’s center of excellence for tools and external load equipment. Rest assured that the transition will be seamless and we will continue to offer the same level of professional service and high quality.

Contact Us

Please contact us if you have any questions or have a special need that we can help you fulfill.

190 S. Danebo Ave.
Eugene, OR 97402 USA

T:1 541 344-9953
F: 1 541 344-3863

T: 1 800 556-4166
F: 1 613 632-4443

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